Word Classes

Word classes is another name for the parts of speech. Classification of words according to their function in sentences is called parts of speech. Today it is called “Word Classes”. Words are divided according to the function they are used for. It is not possible to tell which word class a word belongs to only by looking at it. We need to look cautiously at where the word occurs and how it behaves in the sentence.


To write a good story, you must have the whole plot clear in your mind, and main points arranged in their proper order. Sometimes the plot of story is given to you in the outlines provided. But an outline is only a skeleton. It is your work to clothe the skeleton with flesh and breathe the life into it. You must try to produce a connected narrative, and to make it as interesting as you can.


In fact the word ‘’Essay’’ is somewhat loosely applied to a variety of compositions. So far as we are concerned here, an essay is an exercise in composition; and it is well to remember that the word essay means, literally, an attempt. The essays you write at school are trial exercises or ‘’attempts’’ to express your thoughts in good English.


Every educated person know how to write a clear and readable letter. Everyone has sometimes to write business letters of some sort and may have to face the problem of writing an important letter that will vitally affect his interests in life. The art of letter-writing is, therefore, no mere ornamental accomplishment, but something that every educated person must acquire for practical reasons.


A Dialogue literally means “talk between two people”. Dialogue-writing is a useful form of composition, especially for the student who is trying to gain a command of spoken English. A written dialogue should be so composed that it appears to be spontaneous or impromptu. In real conversation, one person sometimes interrupts the other, or break in on what he is saying. Let the conversation be brisk and rapid.



Man is the architect of his own fate. He reaps only what he sows. Students impatiently wait for the results of exams.  They are very nervous about the results. They want to know the result as soon as possible. Surely it is the most exciting day of the academic year. It is a day on which students are judged and awarded according to their performance in exams,