Dialogue between the father and the son, about one of his class-fellows

Father: who was the boy that came to see you this morning?
Son: He is Ali, a class-fellow of mine.

Father: Is he really so? He looks rather old. I thought he was a senior student.
Son: No, father, he is of my age. He comes from a place where people are very tall and strong.

Father: But where is he staying now? The school and the boarding-house are closed for the summer vacation.
Son: He is staying here with his uncle who is a doctor.

Father: Do you mean Mr. Rizwan? I know him very well. We meet each other every day at the club.
Son: I’m happy to hear that. Ali had been very kind to me. I shall ask him to dine with us tomorrow. Will you kindly ask Mr. Rizwan to dinner?

Father: Yes, I shall ask him to dinner on Sunday next.
Son: Please do it earlier, because, next Sunday, Ali is leaving for Murree.

Father: What for?
Son: He is joining the Scouts’ training camp there.

Father: Why don’t you also become a scout?
Son: I like to be one, father; but will you also permit me go to Murree?

Father: Yes, By all means.
Son: Then I shall, just now, go to Mr. Zahid and ask him to enlist me as a scout. I shall also tell him that I wish to go to the training camp at Murree.