Dialogue between the headmaster and a student who was absent from school

Teacher: Stand up, Ali, and tell me why you were absent from school yesterday.
Student: I was ill, Sir.
Teacher: Why did you not send an application for leave?
Student: Sir, there was nobody at home who could bring it here.
Teacher: Did you take any medicine?
Student: No, Sir, I did not; because there was nobody at home to take me to the doctor,
Teacher: Then how did you get well without taking any medicine?
Student: My headache stopped after some time, and I began to feel better.
Teacher: what was your headache due to?
Student: I did not do my home-work, Sir. And the fear of punishment caused me severe headache.
Teacher: Why did you not do your home-work?
Student: Sir, I went to the pictures with a friend of mine.
Teacher: You could go to the pictures, but you could not come to school. Do you think that a cinema show is more important than your lessons?
Student: No, Sir, I went there only to have a good time.
Teacher: How often do you go to the picture?
Student: I am not a cinema fan, Sir. I go there only once or twice a month, If the picture is really worth seeing.
Teacher: Promise that you will, in future, go to the pictures, only after you have done your home-work.
Student: I promise, Sir, to prefer my studies to the pictures at all times. And I hope that you will forgive me this time, for not doing my home-work.
Teacher: All right, I forgive you this time; but never forget to do your home work in future.
Student: Thank you, Sir; I will not.