Dialogue between the headmaster and a student seeking admission to his school

Student: May I come in, Sir?
Headmaster: Yes, come in.
Student: Good morning, Sir.
Headmaster: Good morning, boy. What do you want?
Student: I want to seek admission to your school Sir. Here is my school leaving certificate.
Headmaster: Which school are you coming from?
Student: I am coming from the Government High School Kacha Khuh.
Headmaster: Why have you come over to Sargodha from there?
Student: Sir, my father has been transferred this place.
Headmaster: what is he?
Student: He is a doctor, Sir.
Headmaster: Were you studying arts or science?
Student: I was a student of the medical group, Sir.
Headmaster: My science-master will not agree to take you, if you are not a very good student.
Student: He can give me a test, sir, in order satisfy himself.
Headmaster: Are you really ready to take a test science as well as hygiene and physiology?
Student: Yes, Sir, with great pleasure.
Headmaster: Do you play any game?
Student: Yes, Sir, I play volley ball.
Headmaster: What else do you want to say about yourself?
Student: Sir, you will find me very honest, obedient, intelligent and hard-working.
Headmaster: All right, boy, you may go now. Come here tomorrow, fully prepared to take the test.
Student: All right, Sir. Thank you very much for your kindness. Good-bye.
Headmaster: Good-bye.