Letter to father about home affairs

Examination Hall,
(City) A. B. C.
October 30, 2016.
My dear Father,

 I was very glad to receive your kind letter yesterday. We were all waiting impatiently for it. We miss you very much and long to see you in our midst as soon as possible.
Hina remembers you every now and then. Sometimes she begins to weep, and we assure her that you will return home within a few days. Ali has become very careless in your absence. He pays no attention to his studies and seldom goes to school. Many a time, he flatly refuses to obey any one of us. He flies kites all the day long, or plays in the street with boys of his age.
Mother had an attack of fever. But we thank God that she is quite all right now. Uncle came here yesterday, and he left for Karachi this morning to see some of his friends over there.
With best wishes from us all.
Your loving son,
(Name) X. Y. Z.