Letter to father about your safe arrival

Examination Hall,
(City) A. B. C.
October 30, 2016.
My dear Father,
You will be glad to know that I reached here quite safe and sound yesterday. There was great rush in the train. Almost every compartment was packed to suffocation. I managed to get into one of them, but I could not find any seat over there. I had to keep standing till the train reached Sahiwal. Then I thanked God, as I sat down to rest my weary legs. After about two hours, the train reached Khanewal. I engaged a coolie to remove my luggage. I hired a rickshaw, when I came out. It took me to the boarding house in about twenty minutes.
I enjoyed sound sleep last night. But I am still feeling rather tired. I hope to be quite all right tomorrow.
With best wishes.
Your loving son,
Name X. Y. Z.