Letter to father about your sister’s illness

Examination Hall,
(City) A. B. C.
October 30, 2016.
My dear Father,
I received both of your letters, one after the other. But I am sorry that I could not post a reply earlier, on account of Hina’s ilness. She had attack of measles. Her temperature ranged between 101 and 104; and she felt severe pain all over her body. She passed six or seven very restless nights. I was going to send you a telegram, but uncle forbade me to do so.
She had throughout been under the treatment of Dr. Rizwan. He paid us a visit every evening. The fever and other severe symptoms subsided, by the grace of God, on the seventh day. She will be perfectly all right within a couple of days. You need not worry at all. She wants you to bring a doll for her, when you return from Karachi.
With love and best wishes.
Your loving son,
(Name) X. Y. Z.