Letter to mother, persuade your father to let you continue your studies

Examination Hall,
(City) A. B. C.
May 20, 2016.
My dear Mother,
I received your loving letter last evening. I have been greatly worried, ever since I finished reading it. You say that dear father wants me to get into service, after passing my Secondary School Certificate Examination. With such poor qualifications, it is difficult to get even a clerk’s job these days. I know that Bhai Jan disappointed you very much. He remained in the college for four years and could not pass the Higher Secondary Examination. But this does not mean that I should be punished for his folly. I am an obedient son and shall give a very good account of myself during my college life. Kindly persuade dear father to change his mind and to give me a chance for higher studies.
With best regards
Your loving son,
(Name) X. Y. Z.