Letter to younger brother, advising him to mend his ways

Examination Hall,
(City) A. B. C.
October 30, 2016.
My dear Rizwan,
It pains me to hear that you are falling into evil ways. Your class-teacher reports to me that you are often absent from school, and never come prepared with your lessons. At the same time, he says that you are getting into bad company.
I am shocked to learn all this. You know that our father is a very strict man. If he comes to know all these things, he will take you to task. He may even withdraw you from school. I would , therefore, warn you to mend your ways. Work hard and win the love of your teachers. I have requested your Headmaster to send me a report about you every month. If he again complains about you, it will be my painful duty to bring everything to the notice of our dear father. You will, then, be yourself responsible for the consequences.
Hoping that you will turn over a new leaf
Your loving brother,
  (Name) X. Y. Z.