The lion

The lion is the king of forest. It is very brave and strong. It has long hair on its neck. It is very fearful to look at. It is about four feet high and nearly six to seven feet in length. It kills goats, sheep and cows with its sharp claws. It is very fond of eating the deer’s meat. It crushes its prey with the help of its strong jaws and very powerful teeth. It is one of the worst enemies of man. But it attacks him only when it is hungry or is first attacked by him. It is kept in the zoo for show. Its female is called the lioness, and she has no mane. She is very fond of her cubs and loves to play with them. If they are stolen, they live on milk and meat. Then they are trained to show wonderful feats in circus shows. Their captivity and obedience to man are enough to prove that he is the crown of all creation.