Word Classes, Parts of Speech

Word classes is another name for the parts of speech. Classification of words according to their function in sentences is called parts of speech. Today it is called “Word Classes”. Words are divided according to the function they are used for. It is not possible to tell which word class a word belongs to only by looking at it. We need to look cautiously at where the word occurs and how it behaves in the sentence. It is clear that there is no one-to-one relation between words and their classes. Water can be verb or noun. It depends on how the word is used. In fact, many words can belong to more than one class. Boundaries between the word classes are not firmly fixed. To a certain extent, there is overlapping between some of classes.
Words are fundamental units in every sentence. Parts of speech is first step to learn the basic rules of grammar. After learning the parts of speech we begin to understand the use of words. In these pages some examples and their explanations have been included. Most of these explanations are of course not new to you as they are taught from the primary level. This will, of course, be helpful in creating short, simple and meaningful sentences.
To learn a language two things are important:
1) Understand the structures of the language
2) Practice the structures in daily life
Structures of language can be understood only by understanding the essential language. Thus, importance of the parts of speech cannot be ignored. They are the basic units of grammar which form the skeleton of a sentence. It is thought that a correct word in the correct place leads to a correct sentence and once a correct sentence is produced, speaking and comprehending process becomes relatively easy.
There are eight word classes:
Noun, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions and Interjections